About Luthier Fazel

Fazel M. was born in the Kurdish city of Kermanshah in the Kurdistan region of Iran. He had the passion of making violin since he was a kid. He started playing violin at a very young age and continued with the passion of making violin.

In 1996 , Fazel M. professionally started making his violins. He visited the city of Cremona in Italy to complete his research on violin making and received the approval letters from the most well-known Italian violin makers. In 2020, Fazel traveled to France to further his violin research and education. currently has violin shops in Iran and he has started making violin in France since 2020. Fazel has also received the certificate of luthier from the France’s association of Luthiers.

Fazel currently has violin shops in Iran and he has been making violin in France for a few month now. Fazel has the certificate of luthier from France.

Luthier Fazel has so far made 570 violins and 28 alto violins during his 25 years of professional career. Most of his violin designs are originated from the Stradivarius , Joseph Guarnerius, and Nicola Amati models. The wood materials used in his work are mainly from the best well-known European wood brands. The dyes used in his handmade violin is mainly the classic lacquer and oil varnish based. He has also used the combination of lacquerware and as well as cinderus and colophony in his violin making. Organic animal glue are mainly used in assembling his handmade violin. His kind handmade violins tolerate any weather condition and all comes with a lifetime warranty.

In 1982, Fazel M. began to teach violin lessons professionally and at the same time he was actively conducting research on violin making as well as making it.

Fazel is a very professional violin player and his style of playing is a neoclassical and gipsy.

Fazel is a violin maker who is a good violinist and having both talents makes him a unique violin maker. Fazel believes that a good violin maker should also be a good violin player, so he can prudently diagnose the sound of the violin.

Fazel has met with the most famous Italian such as Carol Conti, and in France, met with Michael Aery. Fazel also met with Austrian violin makers and has shown them his handmade violin for their approval. All of the above mentioned European have approved Fazel’s handcrafted violin and acknowledged his his excellent level of art work. Fazel believes that musical sensitivity and diagnosing the right sound should be part of a violin maker talent in order to make a good violin. At the same time , Fazel delicately makes the violin and pays extra mind on how to design, cut, and assemble violin pieces. His masterpieces are phenomenal.